Web Application Security Timeline RFC

In order to know where we’re going, we have to understand where we have come from.

I began wondering a couple of days ago, how did we get here? What was the evolution of web application security? To answer this question I decided to put together a Web Application Security Timeline.

The timeline I present to you today is just a start, I hope to make it more comprehensive with feedback from the community. So I ask for your comments!

  • What were the most significant events in the short history of web application security?
  • What is missing from the timeline?
  • How would you improve it?

Web Application Security Timeline DRAFT

7 thoughts on “Web Application Security Timeline RFC

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  2. webappsec

    Would be worthwhile listing the formation of SPI Dynamics (true pioneers in web app security testing) under 1994 and public release of WebInspect 3.0 was in 2003. HP acquired SPI Dynamics in 2007, around the same time IBM acquired Watchfire.

  3. antonio

    You can also add:
    – information regarding secure software development methodologies, which included web considerations
    – web application security assessment tools major upgrade dates
    – launch dates for major blogs related to web security
    – major hacks that might considered as strong drivers for webapp security
    – etc.

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